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Pre-nuptial Agreements

If you’re getting married or entering into a civil partnership, worrying about what might happen if you and your partner split up is probably far from your thoughts. But sometimes things don’t work out as expected and relationships break down. That’s where a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement can help.

Drafting a pre-nuptial agreement

A pre-nuptial agreement is a formal agreement between two people getting married or entering into a civil partnership. It sets out who owns what and how their finances will be divided if the relationship ever breaks down or they divorce. A post-nuptial agreement is exactly the same, but it’s drawn up after the marriage or civil partnership.

Our specialist family law team can help you draw up a pre-nuptial or post nuptial agreement that clearly sets out what each person will receive – and just as importantly, what they won’t. This can significantly reduce the frustration, resentment and uncertainty that is all too common if relationships come to an end.

A pre-nuptial agreement to suit your needs

There are no standard rules for a pre or post-nuptial agreement. They are entirely bespoke, drawn up to suit the specific circumstances of different couples. They will often deal with matters such as assets, income, pensions, company shareholdings, large sums of money and property. Sometimes they just focus on specific things, like a family inheritance which needs to be protected.

Whatever your situation, however, drawing up a pre-nuptial or post nuptial agreement helps to keep the separation process as amicable and smooth as possible. This can be an important consideration, particularly if children or other family members are involved. It also helps to reduce the legal costs of a protracted disagreement.

Bespoke pre-nuptial agreements

Although neither pre-nuptial or post nuptial agreements are legally binding in England and Wales, a recent change in the law means that the courts now attach considerable weight to these agreements when dealing with divorces and separations.

Our specialist family law team can advise you on your options and guide you through the process of a pre-nuptial or post nuptial agreement. We know every relationship is different and we ensure the agreements are tailored to the specific circumstances of every couple we advise.

To learn how Lyons Wilson Solicitors in Manchester could help you draw up a pre-nuptial or post nuptial agreement, simply email the family law team at our Manchester office on or call us on 0161 830 7756 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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