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Financial Divorce Settlements

Sorting out the financial arrangements of a divorce or separation is often one of the most complex parts of the process. It can cause disagreement between both parties and, if handled poorly, make a difficult process even more stressful.

Our dedicated family lawyers and divorce solicitors are enormously experienced in dealing with the financial fall-out of divorces. Combining first-class negotiation and mediation skills with tough litigation expertise, we can advise you on your rights and responsibilities and guide you through the options for achieving your objectives, including sensitive issues around the family home, pensions and other assets.

Peace of mind during your divorce

With a reputation for incisive legal know-how together with a personal, friendly approach, our specialist divorce law team can help resolve all kinds of divorce-related financial disputes. Whatever your situation, you will benefit from clear, practical divorce advice based on your individual circumstances and requirements, including complex situations involving companies, partnerships, high value assets, or assets that are held abroad.

If your spouse refuses to support you financially during the divorce process, we can also help you set up an interim financial agreement via the courts. This will ensure you receive a fixed monthly sum from your spouse until the divorce is concluded, giving you extra peace of mind while negotiating a final divorce settlement.

A divorce that meets your needs

Similarly, if you think your spouse is not being fully frank with regards to their assets, we can advise you on obtaining an injunction through the courts. If the court accepts the need for an injunction, it will freeze any disputed assets until the divorce is concluded. If necessary, we can also call on taxation, valuation and other financial expertise, such as accountants or actuaries, to help achieve the best result for you.

To learn how Lyons Wilson Solicitors in Manchester could help minimise the stress and worry of your divorce or separation, simply email the family and divorce law team at our Manchester office on or call us on 0161 830 7756 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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