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Civil Partnerships

Civil partnerships were introduced in December 2005 through the Civil Partnership Act 2004. They enable same-sex couples to have their relationship legally recognised as a ‘civil partnership’, which gives them virtually the same rights as a married heterosexual couple.

If you’re looking to enter a civil partnership with your partner, our team of experienced family solicitors in Manchester have the experience and legal expertise to guide you through the process.

Similarly, if you’re relationship has broken down and you want to bring your civil partnership to an end, you can rely on Lyons Wilson solicitors in Manchester to help you conclude matters as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Dissolving a civil partnership is a legal process like divorce. It doesn’t normally require a Court hearing unless the dissolution is contested, which is unusual. It’s more common for the process to involve a series of legal documents which are sent to the Court for consideration.

As in a marriage, there are a number of tax, financial and inheritance implications when entering or ending a civil partnership, so it’s important to have the support of an experienced team of family law solicitors to help you achieve the outcome that best suits your interests.

Also like a marriage, many same-sex couples choose added peace of mind through a pre-partnership agreement. This is the equivalent of a pre-nuptial agreement, setting out who is entitled to what if the partnership were to end. Our dedicated family law team can help you draw up a pre-partnership agreement to protect both of your interests if things unfortunately go wrong.

For expert advice about the legal process of establishing or dissolving a civil partnership, simply email our family and divorce law team in Manchester on or call us on 0161 830 7756 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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