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Children and Contact Agreements

At Lyons Wilson solicitors in Manchester, our family law and divorce solicitors are experts in advising on and negotiating children and contact agreements.

We have over 30 years’ experience dealing with the child-related aspects of relationship breakdowns, and we understand the need to deal with them fairly and sensitively.

Arrangements involving children are often some of the most challenging and complicated issues to resolve when any relationship comes to an end. We recognise how difficult and how sensitive these issues can be. After all, even when you divorce or separate, you both remain parents, and your children will need your love and support to help them adjust to the new family environment.

Whatever your situation, our over-riding priority is to assist you in reaching a fair and transparent solution regarding contact rights and child maintenance issues, and to do it as speedily and collaboratively as circumstances allow, with the aim of minimising the effect on both your own and your children’s lives.

The main legislation dealing with this area is the Children Act 1989. Depending on the specific circumstances of your relationship, there are likely to be a number of options available regarding children and contact agreements. They include:

  • Contact Order (or ‘access’): a contact order sets out when you can see your children if you don’t live them. It might specify certain days and times, or it might be a looser contact order that allows you ‘reasonable’ contact.
  • Residence Order (or ‘custody’): a residence order confirms which parent the children will live with. It’s possible, and increasingly common, for residence to be shared between both parents.
  • Specific Issue Order: as the name suggests, a specific issue order is when you ask the Court to settle a specific disagreement with your former partner, such as which school the child will attend.
  • Prohibited Steps: a prohibited steps order is designed to prevent a parent undertaking a specific action, such as taking the children abroad.

Whichever options is best suited to your circumstances, our specialist family lawyers and divorce solicitors can help you make the right decision and guide you through the process, if necessary, of applying to the Court.

To learn how Lyons Wilson Solicitors in Manchester could bring certainty and reassurance to your children and contract agreement concerns, simply email the family and divorce law team at our Manchester office on or call us on 0161 830 7756 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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