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Planning Problems and Appeals

Highly experienced planning law solicitors

If you’re having problems with a planning application, or you’re considering lodging an appeal, our team of planning lawyers can provide the incisive legal advice you need.

If you are considering an appeal, there are three main grounds for appeal to base your case on:

  • the application was unfairly refused
  • the conditions under which it was granted are unfair
  • a decision was not made within a set time period.

If you think you have a strong case, there are also strict timetables to adhere to. Miss a deadline – for whatever reason – and it is likely that your appeal will be thrown out before your case is even heard.

Specialist planning appeal lawyers

That’s why we are here to help. The planning law team at Lyons Wilson solicitors in Manchester will work with you to maximise your chances of success, and minimise the risks of something going wrong. We can advise you on appeal strategy and help bring together the necessary experts and witnesses to present your case in the strongest possible way, and within the specified timetable.

You may be considering an appeal, but not sure if your case is strong enough or even if it is eligible for appeal. Or you may already be struggling through the planning permission appeals process and need some expert legal guidance to keep you on track.

Whatever your situation, our planning lawyers will always put your interests first. Our knowledge, experience and commitment can help you assess your case and its chances of success, structure your appeal to present your argument in the strongest light, liaise with witness and other expert advisors to gather any supporting evidence, and marshal your resources to give you the best chance of winning of an appeal.

For more information on how Lyons Wilson's planning law solicitors in Manchester could help you achieve your planning objectives , simply fill in the ‘call-back’ form above or call us on 0161 830 7756.

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