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13 May 2019

You can now register your Will for free in the Month of May with the National Wills Register. This Register is endorsed by the Law Society and simply keeps a record of where your Will is located.

This therefore means your loved ones are not left asking “where is the will?”or “ did they even make a will?” Or " is this the last will? Removing added stress at an already difficult time.

Remember if a Will cannot be found then an Estate would be distributed under the Intestacy rules meaning that the Estate may not be distributed how you wanted it to.

Once registered only a beneficiary or an executor can locate the Will and you do not need your Will to register it and the Register does not need to see a copy of it.

If you already hold your will at Lyons Wilson, we will register it for free at the Register if you contact us requesting the same in May.

If you do not hold your will at Lyons Wilson but wish to make one or update one then please get in touch and we will register the Will for free in May.

Call Ian on 0161 830 7777 to arrange.

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